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Staff Picks

Once a month, Chicago Cares staff members choose their favorite projects to share with our volunteers. We'll tell you what we think makes these projects so special and then you can sign up and see for yourself!

Of course, with more than 250 ongoing volunteer projects on our calendar each month, there are always plenty of ways for you to make a difference in Chicago!

March Staff Picks

Emily recommends Hilliard Reading Connection
"Hilliard Reading connection is such a fun project!  You get to work one-on-one with a student, building their reading skills and creating really fun projects.  The kids are super creative and always come up with the best art projects."

Connie recommends Groceryland South
"One of my favorite things about this project is that everyone who walks through the doors is treated as family.  The pantry itself is an incredible sight because the walls are adorned with pictures of every volunteer who has walked through those doors!  Additionally, we have the opportunity to shop for clients who have been affected with HIV/AIDS.  It's a great environment and always a fun time!"


Hot Projects are programs happening soon that still need additional volunteers. Programs listed in Hot Projects face cancellation without last-minute support from volunteers like you. When you Become a Member of the Chicago Cares community, we'll share a weekly email each Monday, informing you about upcoming events, Hot Projects, and how you can help us build a stronger Chicago!