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Once a month, Chicago Cares staff members choose their favorite projects to share with our volunteers. We'll tell you what we think makes these projects so special and then you can sign up and see for yourself!

Of course, with more than 250 ongoing volunteer projects on our calendar each month, there are always plenty of ways for you to make a difference in Chicago!

November Staff Picks

Emily recommends Art Around the World at Young 

"Art Around the World is always so much fun!  Each week focuses on a different state or country and the activities are built around a book, art project, and local recipe.  The time goes so fast and you'll definitely learn something new each week!"

Katie C. recommends Read-with-Me at McCormick

"Programs at McCormick are so much fun!  The kids are so excited to participate and are always enthusiastic about reading and art projects.  I love that most of the books are in both English and Spanish, which is different than any other Read-with-Me program and allows students to be successful at any reading level."


Hot Projects are programs happening soon that still need additional volunteers. Programs listed in Hot Projects face cancellation without last-minute support from volunteers like you. When you Become a Member of the Chicago Cares community, we'll share a weekly email each Monday, informing you about upcoming events, Hot Projects, and how you can help us build a stronger Chicago!