Updated: March 30, 2020. The work of Chicago Cares is rooted in connection. We build community. We share resources. We care for one another. For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting this way of life. The best thing we can do right now is physically isolate ourselves, but let’s not confuse that with social isolation. There are still many ways we can step up to support our neighbors and make an impact, and Chicago Cares is here to help you to do that. Click for Chicago Cares updates and partner volunteer opportunities.

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Volunteering should be the start of a journey.

Chicago Cares empowers people to roll up their sleeves, connect across lines of difference, and learn about the challenges facing Chicago. Our volunteers work together to solve issues, and along the way, they build empathy, reduce their biases, and take deeper action to create equity in our city.

Our volunteer programs are intentionally designed to help you increase your involvement over time, setting you on a path from connection to education to action. Ready to get started?





Chicago Cares offers Signature Projects, a new opportunity for small groups to plug into long-term volunteer efforts that contribute directly to neighborhood revitalization plans. Your group of 5 to 15 volunteers will join forces with other groups to achieve more than what you could achieve on your own.


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In response to recent developments involving the coronavirus (COVID-19), Chicago Cares is canceling all volunteer projects until further notice (effective March 13, 2020).

Chicago Cares is taking these steps to ensure the health and dignity of all involved in our programming as a result of guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Although our public programs are suspended, Chicago Cares will continue to amplify the work of our partners.

Click here to learn how you can engage civically in new and different ways during this difficult time.