Organization Profile

Sertoma Centre, Inc.

Sertoma Centre, Inc. is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit agency that provides programs and services for over 1,700 individuals with developmental, physical, emotional disabilities, and or mental illness. The mission of Sertoma Centre, Inc. is to provide opportunities that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve personal success. Our Vision Statement: Sertoma Centre, Inc. envisions communities where all people with disabilities live, work, and fully participate. Our Core Values: The following values are essential to the success of Sertoma Centre, Inc. We are committed to the Empowerment of Consumers First and foremost, in an environment that promotes Self Advocacy and personal success. We value our continuing relationship with the sponsoring Sertoma Clubs and their core value of SER vice TO MA nkind. (This is where the name Sertoma originates). We demonstrate Integrity through honest and fair interactions and by taking Responsibility for our actions. We embrace an environment that encourages Respect for all. We foster Innovation and the free exchange of ideas among stakeholders. We believe in the power of Teamwork. We provide excellent Customer Service through our committment to positive relationships with all stakeholders.

Alsip, IL, 60803